Garbage Hill Run

In the Last few months I've been coming to garbage hill to relax, reflect, get inspire. than I realized what great people and stores I've experienced from just visiting this hill.

My life mission and daily mission is to impact peoples lives for the better. i think this could be an opportunity.

Hi my name is Anuna I am a clothing designer and an athlete my designs a made for the outstanding in every aspect of life. health and relationships are on of the aspects than i want to be outstanding in i hope you do to.

anyways I am starting a running club starting at garbage hill because its beautiful with amazing people that come to it. 

the mission is to be active and build a community of people that are striving to be outstanding physically and mentally. 

If you choose to join the group, you can win free gear. sign up by mail we will keep you updated. first unofficial run will be Monday 7pm may 6th. Saturday May 11th at 6 am it will be an 1 hour run. 


Email to join