Our goal is to make clothing That Looks good and feels good while being Functional  

Simply said I want you to always look your best even on the days where you don't want to leave your house. Fashion is not about wearing the most expensive clothing or the boldest garments. It's about being confident because of what you are wearing or having confidence and wear what you want to wear.




my mission goal is to give a portion of every sale to feeding children in Ethiopia as well as building a program to educate future entrepreneur in 2023

We are all born in the same way, what makes us different is where we are burn and the resources around us. Some people make it with all the odds stacked against them. while others won't make it even if they have all the resources to succeed.

Be the reason a child will survive, be the reason the future is greater and brighter for these children.


Absolutely Limitless Fearless Ambitions

sports has been a strong influence in my life, It