Story And Mission


when I was a young i struggled with my confidence I was every shy and withdrawn this was due to uncontrollable circumstances around me that i had a hard time dealing and coping with. Because of art I found my voice I found my confidence. 


My goal is to give individuals that may be struggling with their confidence to those who have confidence and want to express them selves to the fullest. 



my mission is to give a portion of every sale to feeding children in Ethiopia as well as building a program to educate future entrepreneur in 2023


Join me in creating a company that now only builds confidence in you but also builds confidence and hope. throw your purchases and tips you will fast track that mission in impacting the children that could change the world. 

How can I help? 

When you are purchase a product consider tipping. When you tipping you are directly donating into the foundation.  Help be achieve that goal by 2023.