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The idea if the brand was born of one simple concept, absolute domination in anything and everything you do. Being so good that the competition don't even stand a chance. dominante that the competition would give up before the game has even start.

The question is how does one get a place that everyone just gives up because of the shear talent and skills and or knowledge you have. how to you become the absolute best in your field. the greatest people that have ever existed in this world has answered this question. they are simple questions but really effective if you really want to be great.


what are your limitations its a simple question but once you know them you can work towards getting over them or reducing them it's almost impossible to have no limits but the percut of limitless is what will ultimately make you grater that your perse 


everyone is the number one thing that holds people from doing what the want to do. once you limited that fear you there is really nothing stopping.   


It is really important to be ambitious. to often we are told that it cant happen it's impossible or something that will prevent us from going after it and when we do we don't aim high. 

to become an ALFA you have to be absolutely Limitless Fearless Ambition