Handmade Hoodie

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Safety never looked so good. 

Misplacing or forgetting your safety mask during the pandemic seems to be a daily occurrence, I thought the best solution would be having a mask built into one of my handmade hoodies 
Same Quality, Originality, Uniqueness - but keeping yourself and others around you safe 

Fit and Feel 

Similar to all certified face masks I wanted to design a product that could be used by everyone regardless of age or weight, which is why the hoodie comes with a versatile box fit that is comfortable and adaptable to any body type. 
Outside of the unique built-in face mask the hoodie also has been designed with a larger front pocket to carry more when you’re on the go


  • Drawstring on the hood to tighten face mask
  • Zipper on the hood
  • Extra-large pockets 
  • Tailored waist
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 170

    Please allow 3-4 weeks for production time
    Material Cost
    100% Cotton Fleece $48
    Cord $3.50
    Cord Stop $2.50
    Grommets $2
    Label $1.50
    Labour $20
    Cold wash. Machine dry on low heat.